Nice to meet you! I'm Matthew Connerton, a principal Drupal consultant, architect, and developer based in Ocala, FL. Here are some of the services I offer:


My 15+ years of experience will provide you with the expert Drupal consulting that you need to solve difficult problems, strategize solutions for the future, and implement best practices.


Planning out a new website or feature can be daunting. The best practices and options available today seem to always be changing. I can help you choose the right solutions for your business needs. It starts with identifying the project goals and objectives, turning  those into technical requirements, planning out strategies, and selecting the best approach. Then we work on information architecture and content strategy.


With expertise going back to Drupal 6, I am no stranger to custom code. While Drupal has a robust ecosystem of contributed modules and features, sometimes you need something new or targeted. I will help you identify when custom coding might be most useful, and will plan and create custom modules when needed. I offer expert Drupal development for custom modules, migrations, third-party integration, and e-commerce. Need something that isn’t mentioned, reach out and let's discuss it!

Devops / Sysops

Scaling and hosting Drupal offers unique challenges. Let me help you resolve any pain points you might be experiencing. I can help you with CI/CD lifecycles, speed up deployments, improve efficiency, reduce costs, set up local developer environments, review environments, as well as stage and production deployments. It doesn't matter if you are on shared hosting, VPS, Drupal PasS, or Kubernetes clusters, I have the experience to provide guidance for each situation to help you overcome your challenges.

Team Lead

As a team lead, I've helped many companies manage the planning, architecture, development, and resources for new and existing projects. I can serve as the main technical liaison with stakeholders and project managers to gather and discuss requirements, plan out and implement sprints, and provide technical feedback as needed.


If you are just getting started in Drupal, or your team needs technical mentoring, I’m ready to be there for you throughout the journey. I offer code reviews, one on one pair programming, and direct support when you have questions to ensure that you are on track to build up you or your teams skills.


Whether you have an existing site or are building a new one, I can provide you with the tools and training you need to maintain it. This includes auditing existing platforms, creating a training plan, supporting inline help, writing documentation as well as recording online webinar style hands on trainings.

Developer Augmentation

Are you missing a key role on your team for a short or long term project? Developer augmentation allows me to come in and support your existing team and cover that role, whether it be a short term interim position until you can fill it permanently, or as a long term basis to ensure you have consistent expertise throughout the duration of the project.